The World Food Azerbaijan 2019

The World Food Azerbaijan 2019 has just been held in capital Baku from 15 May to 17 May 2019.

This is an annual event and one of the major international exhibition related to the food industry in Azerbaijan.



The event was organised by Item Caspian and was hosted at the Baku Expo Center. The Exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and many other relevant government institutions.

World Food Azerbaijan has acquired the relevance of a well known appointment for all the industry actors and it is now recognised as the leading food event in the Caspian Region, with a track record of 25 years of activity.

This was the 25th Anniversary of the event in Azerbaijan, showing the importance of the food market and industry in the Region, not just as a way of sustenance but also as a driving business force.

Over the years, 2137 companies from 40 countries attended the World Food Azerbaijan, and for the 2019 edition there were over 200 companies from all over the world.

Annual meetings are a must-be-there occasion for marketers, producers, experts and operators within the food industry.
This is a valued time for networking, demonstrations, conferences, services exchange and talking about the latest researches and innovation within the food business sector.

The World Food Azerbaijan of 2019 has provided opportunities for both sellers and customers, at the same time offering to new and established operators the possibility to exchange knowledge and connections, and to enter new markets.

The attention given to the food industry is once again a tangible proof of the industrious spirit of the Azerbaijan and the attention of the country in creating sound opportunities to connect with the world and to share knowledge, culture and expertise.

As usual Sinalco paid special attention to the event and welcomes you and your company to attend next year edition, to sample a taste of the welcoming Azerbaijani hospitality and, of course, it’s amazing food.

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