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We Create Opportunities

The Multitasking Group

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Sinalco helps fast growing businesses connecting to new opportunities and ready available resources.

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Contact Our Offices

Contact us to let us know how we can help your company to achieve desired goals within budget and timing.

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Building Relationships between Cultures

Sinalco international group headquarter is located in central Rome. The company has subsidiary sites in Eastern Italy and Azerbaijani capital Baku.
Sinalco main focus is bridging the gap between an idea and its accomplishment. The group has been established on Export and Construction, and has now enriched its offer with several collateral activities ranging from Design to Business development.
Sinalco has the knowledge and experience to cross countries boundaries to facilitate businesses and operations wanting to operate internationally without having to deal with the hard part. Sinalco does it for you.

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. – John F. Kennedy

We combine local KNOWLEDGE with international EXPERTISE to create ADDED VALUE.


Sinalco represent a valid aid to sustain businesses and people in every initiative that may involve logistic resources.

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Sinalco provide direct services for distribution by relying on a wide network of worldwide partner companies.

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Business Development

Sinalco is specialised in supplying professional services to support companies with market tools and resources.

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Sinalco is leader in providing professional services for construction companies, sites management and resources acquisition.

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Sinalco offer multiple services in the Design industry, from Architecture, to interior design, to exhibition stand design and production.

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Sinalco unique skills and proposition consist in identifying people and opportunities and matching them to achieve a targeted and measurable objective.

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3D Scan

Sinalco employs FARO HDR Laser Scanner to offer you the best service in 3D visualization applications.

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Our Partners

We pride ourselves in working only with the best partners and market leaders.