Celebrating the 145th anniversary of national press in Azerbaijan

President Ilham Aliyev signs order on marking the 145th anniversary of national press in Azerbaijan.

The national press is considered quite an institution in Azerbaijan, and its significant role can now be celebrated into its 145th year of activity.

On June 30th President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order on marking the 145th anniversary of the national press of Azerbaijan.

The national press is mainly an established institution under government control. Still, Azerbaijani intellectuals refer to the press as the “people’s eyes, ears and tongue”.

In this particular time of global health emergency, the Presidential Administration has been put in charge of ensuring that the celebrations for the anniversary of the national press could address all the necessary requirements of the coronavirus specific regime in Azerbaijan.

145 years is a remarkable achievement, considering that the national press of Azerbaijan has significantly shaped the way to modernity for the country and for a great part of the Caspian Region.

Zefar Karimov, together with other intellectuals and researchers, has presented us a five stages history of the Azerbaijani press:

– Newspapers and magazines published under tsarist Russian rule (1832-1917)
– Printed organs published during the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic (1918-1920)
– Printed publications of the Soviet era (1920-1991)
– Emigrants’ press
– Publications printed since the restoration of independence (from 1991 to the present)

More historical information and curiosities on the national press can be found on a previously published article you may find at this link:

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