Among the many innovative and forward looking activities to promote market development, tourism, logistics and financial services, on October 9, the CAERC (Azerbaijan’s Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication) will hold the 3rd international conference on the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan.

The event has been branded with the name of “Silk Road Digitalization”, and is organised and promoted by the same Azerbaijan’s Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication.

The main purpose of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication is to develop proposals for creating economic reforms based on micro and macroeconomics analytical data. The researches are directed to ensuring sustainable economic development for the country, and at the same time, providing mid – and long-term forecasts, and a data driven guidance for the government and the agencies in charge of the economic development of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



The Event main focus for this year will be on digital projects, financial and banking technologies along the Silk Road. At the same time, innovation and e-government solutions, will be priority subjects on the discussion table.

Kaspar Korjus, founding Managing Director of Estonia’s e-Residency program (Estonia is a pioneering country in e-government and e-citizeship) will attend the event as special guest. He will report Estonia’s breakthroughs, for the development of important digital services for people and businesses.

Nijat Asadli, Manager of the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan, stated that this will be the only platform in the world that offers digital solutions to local entrepreneurs and electronic services to non-residents.

Representatives from countries like US, Israel, Russia, the UK, Estonia, Turkey, Spain and many more are expected to attend the conference.

A public-private joint venture will also be developed through an electronic signature within the event, as an example of how e-contracts can help significantly in creating fast growing opportunities in total security and without excessive bureaucracy.

Sinalco will closely monitor the event to learn more about innovation and new developments in this field , in order to facilitate its partners and clients in the coming era of rapidly growing e-services.