On November 17, 2009 the date of 9 November was declared National Flag Day and a public holiday, while September 1, 2010 the official inauguration of the National Flag Square took place. The flag is in the National Flag Square is 70 meters high by 35 meters wide and weighs 350 kg.

On November 9 thousands of people gather in the National Flag Square to attend the ceremony where Azerbaijani flag is hoisted. As every year, this year also the National Flag Day was celebrated in great style.




On November 9 Baku has also became an open air car museum. On the occasion of the National Flag Day, the Azerbaijan Automobile Federation organised a vintage cars parade and a show. All pre-registered car owners could partecipate in the parade. The only condition to participate was to own a car produced until 1980. All cars that took part in the parade were then all prior to 1980.



The oldest car was produced in 1949. The parade was performed by more than 70 vintage cars. Many car brands like “Mercedes”, “Rolls-Royce”, “Mustang”, “Chrysler”, “Pobeda”, “Zaporojets”, “Moskvich”, QAZ, ZIL and ZIM took part in the parade. Vintage cars started their tour from the Heydar Aliyev Center, passing through the city streets and ended the parade in the National Flag Square.

The state symbols of the Azerbaijani Republic are the Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Coat of arms of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani flag is composed of three horizontal bands of equal thickness. The upper strip of blue color, the central strip is red and the lower strip is green in color. The blue color is the Azerbaijani Turkish heritage, the red color symbolises the modern society and the desire to develop democracy and the green color expresses belonging to Islamic civilisation. In the center of the red band there are a white crescent and a eight-pointed star.