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Are you planning to expand to new markets?

The Azerbaijani market has a lot to offer as Azerbaijan has been one of the world’s fastest growing economies in recent years due to its oil and gas development and the liberalisation of its trade system.

Currently Azerbaijan’s GDP is generated by:

  • industry (58.3%)
  • services (36 %)
  • agriculture (5.7 %)

Sinalco is a multitasking group that can help your company establishing a local presence through its representative office.

Sinalco has already helped several Italian businesses expanding into the region, with successful stories in the architecture, construction, design and furniture markets.

Based in Rome – Italy and Baku – Azerbaijan, Sinalco is becoming a natural bridge between Europe and the Caucasian Region.

Sinalco’s team of commercial specialists can assist firms from everywhere in the world in finding out more about the market in Azerbaijan, offering valuable background information on specific Azerbaijani businesses, and help arranging meetings with potential partners.

If you are planning to sell your products and services in Azerbaijan, Sinalco Group can help you in this and will also provide background information on market sectors and best prospects.

We encourage you to contact us for a preliminary talk and also to visit us in Baku to get a direct experience of the many possibilities the Country has to offer.

Please visit our Partner’s page to learn about companies that have already entrusted Sinalco: