It has been stated that the success of Coca Cola is not so much in the goodness of the drink or in advertising that has accompanied one of the most famous brands in the world for over a century.

The real success of a product is in the distribution. If you can find something that you really need with ease, it will automatically becomes a commercial success.

Being able to find something when you need it and through accredited suppliers, helps making the product accessible and, consequently, on-demand.

Sinalco has founded its international work on a series of pillars that define its business. A key pillar is the distribution.

Sinalco provides direct services for the distribution, relying on a large network of international partners.

The Sinalco team works constantly with the needs of its customers always in mind, trying to satisfy the most diverse requirements in the shortest possible time and, as appropriate, trying to contain the final costs borne by the customers.

Sinalco experience is based mainly on the procurement of building materials and design products.

At the same time Sinalco can have preferential channels to help its customers in any type of brokerage and for all types of goods, from all over the world.