Logistics trends in 2023

We at Sinalco support you with your business growth and expansion, and we help you take a look into the future.


Logistic companies are expanding fast, which means better service to your business and less complex passages.
As companies and offers expand, so will your business possibilities and the speed with which you’ll be able to approach new markets.
Merges and acquisitions will continue through the year at a fast pace.

Going Smart

Smart implementation will be a key trend in the coming year as companies are expanding their services with new possibilities and have a better understanding of the big picture to serve their customers better.
Companies are now looking at consultants and outsourcing to acquire the needed competencies and, at the same time, keep the organization light.


This is a trend that will stay and consolidate in 2023. As companies are becoming smarter, this approach needs to reflect on the way their workforce operates.
Everybody is looking for talents that will add value to the company and, in the end, to the client. Where possible and when the physical presence is not strictly needed, companies will gladly keep operating through a good percentage of remote or smart-working.

New technologies

New year new technologies. Companies will keep innovating. The Web will keep offering a competitive advantage to those who will be able to exploit it fully.
AI as well will enter the scene and will keep expanding up to the point of full adoption, which is envisioned by 2025-2027.
AI is going to play a major role this year.

Sinalco is a company with a significant role in the logistics business. We have helped hundreds of clients simplify complex processes and have their goods and services delivered when and where needed in record time and with excellent customer service.

Sinalco’s core competencies are based on export and construction, while other relevant activities are brought into play directly or through partner companies to offer a fully-rounded service to our clients.

And this is the challenge for 2023, and a challenge already won as the company matched the new trends in advance a long time ago.

If you’re one of our clients or are about to contact us to receive help in growing your business in Azerbaijan, be prepared for a welcoming invitation to our offices to discuss the future right today.

Happy 2023!