Global growth is projected to rise to 3.3 percent in 2020 and Reuters reported that Azerbaijan has announced a continuity line with the past year for oil and gas production (this accounting for 95% of exports and 75% of government revenue).

A few years ago, Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, approved the “Development Concept. Azerbaijan – 2020: Outlook for the future”. The document envisioned a fully developed economy by the year 2020 in Azerbaijan. Many areas of development have been addressed recently by the Azerbaijani Government and the time has now come for you to consider an international expansion of your business in the Azerbaijani market. In this you can be assisted by right partners, like Sinalco. Companies like Sinalco can help you with all the paperworks and logistics.

Azerbaijan is now competitively established, also due to its favourable geographic position, within the network of international economic relations. Being a bridge between West and East, the Country is likely to be a good base from where you can safely conduct your business, and it is also a great place to visit and to meet with your business partners half-way between Europe and Asia. New rules and regulations approved by the Azerbaijani Government in recent years have created a good and prosperous environment for closing valuable deals. Azerbaijan recognise its limits and potentials, and is today a country that wants to be fully in line with the international economy.

We at Sinalco will keep you updated on any valuable resource and information that may benefit your business this year. Thanks for staying with us, we wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous 2020. Here you’ll find a quick overview on what we covered in 2019.


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