Appropriate measure is taking place in Azerbaijan, in connection with the current situation of emergency worldwide.

These are tough times and this is a very unique situation, the whole world is facing at the same time.

President Aliyev has talked to the country with a motivational slogan: “together we’re stronger” featured on the Flame Towers in Baku. Here are some of the actions undertaken by the Azeri government.

On 10 March, the traditional festivities related to Novruz holiday in Baku and Azerbaijan’s regions have been canceled.

Baku Metro is suspended until April 20 as a preventive measure against the spreading of the infection. Ordinary buses will be operating in Baku, in order to offer an alternative to passengers.

Media activities will continue in compliance with the requirements of the special quarantine regime.

Entry and exit from regions are currently restricted.

Azerbaijan is buying over half a million masks in just three days, with a total number of 3.5 million masks sold. Local mask production is due to commence in April.

President Ilham Aliyev ordered to establish Support Fund Against Coronavirus and it was later reported that President Aliyev donated his annual salary to this fund.

Every nation in the world is fighting an invisible enemy and hopefully, the heavy containment measures will help to reduce the transmission and bring the disease to an end asap. Azerbaijan expresses deep support and appreciation for the dedication and commitment of Azeri health workers, and Baku speaks to all Azeri people again through the Flame Towers with a motto of hope: #evdeqal, #Bizbirlikdəgüclüyük, “Glory to the Azerbaijani doctors!”.