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This is what is considered a dream house by many people. This is the latest effort from the Sinalco Design Team.

We all like nice things and we’d love to live our life in a beautiful house, but most of us have just a vague idea of the type of house they want to live in. Here’s an example of someone who had a clear idea of the house of his dreams and Sinalco played its part in ensuring the client could get all the services and the assistance required to translate what was just a fine idea into physical reality.

Located in Azerbaijani Capital Baku, this private luxury villa is a 2 floor residence with a large garden and a stylish swimming pool.

Sinalco was involved from the very beginning in the creation of the villa and helped the client visualising all the possibilities with reality-like 3D renderings and Virtual Tours.

Sinalco has exclusive agreements with some of the best and renowned furniture dealers and producers in Italy, and has been working for months to plan and identify the most suitable solutions for a prestigious interior design.

The villa now stands as a status symbol, filled with the best Italian furniture on the market, imported directly from Sinalco. All the building materials were accurately crafted. They represent a tangible warranty of quality, in fact they have been selected with special care in order to last very long time and to please generations of happy people inhabiting the villa.