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Design is increasingly a term no longer meaning only external beauty and aesthetics.
Today the word is more and more tied to functionality connotations, attention to detail, strategy, relationships and innovation.

Sinalco has made design in the contemporary sense, its flag and its modus vivendi.

The Italian-Azerbaijani company has structured its offer on the design, by providing complete and customised services: from architecture to interior design, furnishing, design and construction of facilities for exhibitions and fairs.

Where the word design is linked to excellence, Sinalco has found a way to catalyse around itself the attention and respect of major international players in the industry.

Currently thanks to Sinalco more than 20 Italian companies have been granted a fast track in the Azerbaijani market, and as many commercial reality in the dynamic environment of the Caucasus region, have achieved high quality services through the intermediary of the Sinalco team.

Sinalco contributes every day to propose new efficiency rules for a new “design” of the contemporary business.

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