The Azerbaijan capital city of Baku was listed among the top 50 safest cities in the world in the year 2019.
The ranking was reported by the latest edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Safe Cities Index (SCI).
The calculation has been derived from a maximum score of 100, where the city of Baku scored 56.4 points, therefore positioning itself as 49th safest city in the world.
If you visited Baku you may have noticed that many efforts have been made to render the capital a suitable place for families, business and tourism. Moreover, the city Beautification and major investments in infrastructures and security have been going on for many years.

The final judgement has been delegated to an index, ranking 60 countries across five continents. The index addressed more than 50 qualitative and quantitative indicators, comprising four categories of security: digital, infrastructure, health and personal.

Baku, included in the list for the first time, did well also within the new ranking indicators (10 new indicators were added in 2019), including the existence and speed of emergency services, the capacity of dealing against cyber-attacks and the existence of a disaster plan.

Numbers are also interesting at a closer look if we consider the following.
Digital security: 51.7 points / 46th place
Healthcare: 64 points / 41st place
Personal security: 63.7 points / 49th place



This was another important achievement for Baku and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan government has been working with great effort in creating the conditions for a welcoming country, which is able to attract tourism and businesses from every part of the world, but also in creating the conditions for a happy living for residents and the local citizens visiting or working in the capital.

Sinalco Azerbaijan headquarter is located in Baku, and if you get the chance to visit the city in different occasions, you may be surprised at how many new things are happening and how development of certain areas and services are proceeding at great speed. This is a reflection of an ever-changing reality that aims to become better and better every day, especially in guaranteed safety for locals and visitors.