As we step into 2024, Azerbaijan’s oil industry continues to make significant strides, navigating through the intricacies of global oil dynamics and OPEC agreements. The latest statistics reveal a fascinating landscape of production, investment, and international cooperation that positions Azerbaijan as a pivotal player in the global energy sector.

Production and Quotas

In January 2024, Azerbaijan reported a daily oil production of 598,000 barrels, which includes 474,000 barrels of crude oil and 124,000 barrels of condensate. This production rate is notably above Azerbaijan’s oil production quota under the OPEC deal for 2024, set at 551,000 barrels per day. Such figures not only highlight Azerbaijan’s robust capacity in oil production but also reflect its critical role in the international oil market.

Pipeline Transportation

The country’s main pipelines have shown impressive activity, with over 3.269.1 million tons of oil transported in January 2023 alone. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, a cornerstone of Azerbaijan’s oil export strategy, carried over 2.486.1 million tons of crude oil in the same period, accounting for 76 percent of the total oil transportation volume. Furthermore, Azerbaijan’s contribution to the BTC pipeline’s volume was a substantial 82.7 percent, with the remainder coming from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

International Engagement and Oil Prices

The global stage has not been left untouched by Azerbaijan’s energy pursuits. The country’s Minister of Energy, Parviz Shahbazov, embarked on a visit to the United States of America, aiming to bolster bilateral energy cooperation and discuss Azerbaijan’s role in ensuring international energy security. Amidst these discussions, the price of Azeri Light crude oil saw an increase, reaching $88.02 per barrel, signaling strong market confidence in Azerbaijani oil.

Investment Growth

A testament to the sector’s vitality is the 44.5% growth in investments witnessed in January 2024, with over AZN 523.1 million funneled into Azerbaijan’s oil and gas sector. Such investment underscores the attractiveness and potential of the Azerbaijani oil market to both local and international investors.


As Azerbaijan continues to navigate the complexities of the global oil market, its trajectory in early 2024 underscores the country’s resilience and strategic importance. For businesses looking to venture into this dynamic market, understanding these trends and leveraging them is crucial.

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