Azerbaijan plans to bring digitalization to the next level.

Azerbaijani economy ministry has shared plans to upgrade the country’s digital infrastructure as digitalization is more than ever an important component of Azerbaijan economic development, Rovshan Najaf, Deputy Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan, said in September.

Following the most recent international events and the lockdown measures that posed a serious challenge to the country’s economy, Azerbaijan now has a renewed interest in innovation and the development of new digital technologies.
This intention was remarked during a webinar held by the Asian Development Bank at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors.



Najaf is ready to bet on expanding the country’s digital capabilities, and he encouraged the Central Asia countries to establish better economic relations through the use of digital technologies.
Digitalization has been recognized as the fastest tool to create favorable conditions of expansion for the most valuable economic assets, such as the industries of transport, trade, investments, and energy supply.

Najaf aims at gathering investors together around the table of digitalization. Partnerships between the public and private sectors are seen as the most feasible way of contributing to the modernization of infrastructures.

In line with what has been remarked, the Asian Development Bank and the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation program are aiming at foreign investments in interesting infrastructure projects. This will also be linked to the simplification of procedures in various industries that may greatly benefit from the use of digital platforms in the replacement of traditional procedures.

A further Step for cooperation has then been brought forward after the webinar with a joint effort to strengthen partnerships between Central Asia countries and not just contain the effects of the pandemic times but to actually thrive and respond with a sound plan.