A list of movies filmed in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is renowned for a wide variety of landscape features and its fascinating nature.
The country is also a stage for a vibrant social life, deeply linked with traditions and resourcefulness.
Azerbaijan and its cultural sites such as the Old City of Baku and the country’s natural wonders have been chosen as a valuable location for several relevant movies.
So here’s a list of the most important movies filmed in Azerbaijan.

Disclaimer: this list may not reflect the totality of movies and short film staged in Azerbaijan as the information are always changing for this type of industry. Also names, and sometimes dates may vary.

“Absurdistan” (2008), film director: V. Helmer
“Ali and Nino” (2016), film director: A. Kapadia
“Ashik Kerib” (1988), film directors: D. Abashidze and S. Parajanov
“At Home Among Strangers” (1974), film director: N. Mikhalkov
“Aybolit-66” (1966), film director: R. Bykov

“By the Bluest of Seas” (1936), film director: B. Barnet

“How I Unleashed World War II” (1969), based on the novel of: K. Sławiński

“Love Mein Ghum” (2011), film director: R. Khan

“Mr. Local” (2019), film director: M. Rajesh

“Pyaar Prema Kaadhal” (2018), film director: Elan

“The Spring to Come” (2007), based on the novel of: S. Żeromski,

“United Passions” (2014), film director: F. Auburtin

“Vinaya Vidheya Rama” (2019), film director: B. Srinu

“The World Is Not Enough” (1999), film director: M. Apted


Movies shot in Baku:

“Action” (2019), film director: Sundar C.
“Amphibian Man” (1962), film directors: V. Chebotaryov and G. Kazansky

“The Diamond Arm” (1969), film director: L. Gaidai

“Teheran 43” (1981),film directors: A. Alov and V. Naumov
“The Twelve Chairs” (1971), film director: L. Gaidai


Other film scenes that were shot in the Old City include:

“Arshin Mal Alan” (1945), film directors: R.Tahmasib and N.Leshenko
“If Not That One, Then This One” (1956), film director: H. Seyidzadeh
“A Telephone Girl” (1962), film director: H. Seyidbeyli
“Where is Ahmad” (1963), film director: A. Isgenderov
“Arshin Mal Alan” (1965), film director: T. Taghizadeh
“The last night of Childhood” (1968), film director: A. Babayev
“In a southern city” (1969), film director: E. Guliyev
“Shared bread” (1969), film director: S. Mahmudbeyov
“The Day Passed” (1971), film director: A. Babayev
“The most important interview” (1971), film director: E. Guliyev
“Amphibian Man” (1962), film directors: V. Chebotaryov and G. Kazanski
“Aybolit-66” (1962), film director: R. Bikov
“The Diamond Arm” (1969), film director: L. Gaidai
“Teheran-43” (1981), film directors: A. Alov and V. Naumov


“Old city” (1964), film director: A. Alakberov
“Old city” (1978), film director: N. Bakirzadeh
“A walk in the Old City” (2003), film director: J. Imamverdiyev