Daniel Ricciardo wins Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix but Sinalco wins the hospitality for the second time.

This was the most exciting race of the season and it ended with a result nobody could have imagined. Daniel Ricciardo won the race after starting 10th on the grid and falling behind to 17th place due to brake problems in the early stages of the race. Lance Stroll managed to stay ahead very quickly but was bested by a final-second surge from Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas. Martin Brundle said: “That was cruel”.

Stroll was still awarded driver of the day even if he was taken away his second place. His race team was very supportive and celebrated him anyway. Williams official Rob Smedley told the 18-year-old Stroll “That was a stunning drive. That absolutely went past your age. Congratulations, well done kid”.

Ricciardo said that everything felt into place.
“I have never really had a boring win and today was certainly not that. After all the chaos and the red flag I felt that a podium was in reach but then once Lewis had to pit and Seb had the penalty I knew the win was possible,” he also said.

With the same enthusiasm and kindness of last year, Sinalco invited his partners to attend the Grand Prix in Baku. Together host and guests enjoyed the Race and discussed business.

Sinalco is always on the fast track when it comes to build solid business relations and to nurture a strong network of professionals.

Traditional Azerbaijani food was also a great experience for all guests before attending this historical Race ended with a result nobody could ever imagine.

Looking forward to the next edition of the F1 European Grand Prix in Baku.