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Sinalco is a import / export company, with intermediation services between Italy and Azerbaijan, and offices in Rome and Baku.

Sinalco was born from the desire to promote cultural and economic exchanges between the two nations.
A proven experience in the industry and business services, has been gained over the years by the founders and their partners.

Over the past two years, Sinalco has launched more than 20 international projects in various areas, allowing various Italian companies to expand into the Azerbaijani market. Among the main areas of intervention Sinalco, this time was particularly successful regarding all activities that involved export, distribution, enterprise development, construction, design and networking.

Sinalco offers an example of efficiency and operability in a time when many complain about unfavourable conditions and difficulties in acquiring new portions of the market.

Sinalco has shown how with focus and determination, combined with ability to create networked operations for mutual benefit, it is possible to overturn the rules of the game and create so many success stories, able to inspire confidence and generate growth in the business community.